Personal Styling

“I feel so fantastic, I want to go shopping right now! I feel so much more confident, I now know exactly what to wear. I really learnt a lot and it was fun! I know which of my clothes suit me and why they do, I feel fabulous!” Angela Granville-Jolly

Would you like to look and feel fantastic? Choose our unique and bespoke styling service now... Learn forever the colours, shapes and styles that suit you.

Do you have a wardrobe full of black?
Do you find nothing to wear despite having a full wardrobe?

One day you will be 70, now is the time to be as gorgeous as you can.

Devote half a day to changing your look it may change your life. Many clients have told me that it has. The best investment you can make is in YOU.

The colours you wear have a profound effect on how you feel and how others see you.
Black is traditionally seen as cold, heavy and sad. Personal Styling will leave you knowing what to wear to maximise your looks everyday. Personal Styling will show you a range of colours that lift your spirits and enhance your natural beauty so you now have a choice. Styling Services will show you how to wear the colours of the new collections.

Ask yourself: Do you always wear the same old clothes? Do you feel that you used to know how to buy clothes but since having kids you are stuck in a style rut? Do you find that nothing ever fits and go home depressed after a shopping trip? Do you spend lots of money but still dont feel entirely confident? When did someone compliment you on the way you looked?

It is your turn to be complimented! You deserve it.

Colour Analysis and Personal Style takes 2.5-3 hours and will show you how to introduce the colours that suit you and lift your mood into your wardrobe. I will help you understand your style preference, your face shape, body proportions. We will look at the styles, cuts, hem lengths that really flatter your figure.
Professional styling advice will show you the looks you need to fit your lifestyle, work clothes, casual, cocktail dresses etc. Often we have lots of ideas for one area and no clue for another, hence nothing to wear! You will learn tips to look slimmer, taller or how to minimise other figure problems if necessary. Then you will be able to find the best clothes every time.