Mens Styling

“I am a very busy Creative Director in an Ad agency with no time to shop.I employed Gabrielle to create a new wardrobe for me at work and play.
She managed to sort it all out with the most perfect clothes.Gabrielle is so talented, I would love her on my creative team! Mark De Freitas”

Do you have lots of suits for work but nothing to wear at the weekend?
What is “smart-casual”? Do you mainly wear black? Do you hate shopping? Does nothing ever fit? Do you feel out of date? Have you got an important interview or presentation to do?

Imagine having your own Personal Stylist:

"I felt I needed to update my look everything was navy or black, and I was bored looking the same everyday.Gabrielle has shown me new colours and styles, she looked through my wardrobe and got rid of my old clothes. I then booked another appointment for Personal Shopping and Gabrielle showed me great new clothes. I really enjoyed it, I feel younger and women notice me more" Louis Erte

At interviews and personally people make decisions in the first 30 seconds of meeting you Remember 93% of your first impression is made up solely of the image you project.It is time to Dress To Impress.

Imagine never having to shop again.

Instead, have your own dedicated Personal Shopper, who can deliver all the clothes you need to your door. You deserve to look and feel fantastic!

Mens Styling

This is a 2.5-3 hour colour and style consultation to establish what colours suit you, and what to wear for work and play. I will look at your face shape, hair style (and glasses ): All you need to update your look.

You will receive your individual style book, with guidelines on each item of clothing. Ideas to introduce colour into your wardrobe, where to source the clothes and advice on how to look taller or slimmer if necessary.