The Chanel Dress

chanel aw2014

It is that time of year when invitations drop on the mat for the shows. The buzz is starting with the Couture shows. Karl Lagerfeld sent the models down the catwalk in trainers. Love this little candy pink dress.

chanel aw2014.1jpg

Great jacket endless remake on the classic Chanel jacket love the colour. My clients love Chanel especially the Chinese, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

chanel aw2014.2jpg

Here is Cara Delevigne as the bride showing sheer.

chanel aw2014.3jpg

I like these sporty dresses with midriff bare.

chanel aw2014.4jpg

  Effortlessly chic

lily-allen_chanel front row


Here is Lily Allen looking more bag lady than effortlessly chic. The coat is way too long for her frame.

Gabrielle Teare is the Leading London Personal Shopper.

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