Fashion Trends AW2013 Skirts Are Us!

Belstaff AW2013

This is a trend I am already wearing, simple box pleats and kilts are fun, flirty, easy to wear and very flattering. Here shown in leather another massive trend by Belstaff.


At Jil Sander skirts were long and combined with a masculine minimal top.

Rochas AW2013

Rochas went back to Dior New Look with wide 1950′s fashion inspired prom skirts.

Balenciaga AW2103


Balenciaga has a superb collection with long streamlined pencil skirts love the 1920′s T-bar shoes.

Chanel AW2103

Chanel have taken the box pleat skirt and added over the knee boots and a ultra long jacket best on taller girls.


So what does this look like on real people? Longer skirts and masculine tops disguise your figure if small be careful.


Done well this look can look amazing! I love the hats, matching bags and huge well deserved smiles. Bravo Ladies!!xx

Gabrielle Teare is the Leading London Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper London.

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