Mens Fashion French Summer Style to Impress

Faconnable 2013.2jpg

When personal shopping for men, I look for great mens fashion brands. For pure mens style I love Faconnable, this is such a great look and easy to wear . Put the shirt with denim or navy shorts or white for day will look amazing.

Faconnable 2013

Filmed in St Tropez these are looks any stylish man can wear. For ease of wearing change the dark red trousers for shirts and wear with a navy linen shirt. Uber- stylish.

Faconnable 2013.4jpg


Easy jumper to wear, put with white or navy on the bottom half for a great look.

Faconnable 2013.1jpg

This is another great shirt/shorts combo from Faconnable. So guys for great summer style hire the Leading London Personal Shopper at

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