The Leather T-Shirt


Fashions most basic and simple staple has had a revamp, there have been  unexpected developments for this great classic, the famous t –shirt leathered itself up this season to provide us with a uniquely versatile and cool way to style up everything we own.

 Leather has had the spotlight in fashion houses for a while now, think Hermes or Balenciaga where leather is their signature, it came in trousers, skirts, and coats, and yes the model makes it look great, however it can be a bit tricky to pull off for the rest of us, that is those of us brave enough to venture there, for the rest of us leather remains shrouded in style confusion, not tall enough and it can shrink you, not thin enough and it adds pounds

So the fashion gods have kindly cast an eye to those of us not created like Giselle. As a Stylist the best way to approach leather is never to think of it the rocker-dominatrix context, that’s great for editorials but not for style, think of it as the smartest piece of clothing you own and style it up from there.

So  always go a size up especially if you have a bust we want it to look smart, if it hugs the body it can look vampy, wear a leather t-shirt over a tailored high collared white shirt with  a pencil skirt or tapered trousers for the office


Wear it under  a tux jacket or tailored blazer for an effortlessly chic and very wearable look  which will take you from day to night.

 Black is not the only shade either,  this season it comes in various hues such burgundy, bottle green and even blue leather which all veer away from the gothic vibe.

White is a great leather is also a fabulous alternative as it gives an ultra-modern minimalist feel, and looks great teamed with camel shades and cashmere. 

So with all this in mind we have edited a selection of the most fabulous leather shirts just waiting to be bought.


Stylist Hayley Bevan can be found at Visit Hayley at her studio in Chester to update your look. Hayley trained at London School of Fashion.

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  1. With an oriental feel, and a definite art deco style in its swirling scroll motifs, this collection is an evening gowns luxurious friend.

  2. Love this look on Jourdan Dunn


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