Marc Jacobs 2013 Man Repellant ?

Designers even great ones can sometimes lose their way. Take a look at Marc Jacobs latest collections.  Man repellant? As a Personal Shopper I am wondering who would wear them, even the model looks miserable. He makes great clothes for men I buy them all the time and he can design amazingly so where are they this season?

This is another example, who would wear this??

There is nothing new here. I loved the last collection for Louis Vuitton feminine elegant lovely not so keen on this.

This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs show and the colours are drab and dull. So hard to wear.


1950′s land girl clothes worn by someone on rations. Thrift shops have nicer clothes. Girls vote with your purse.

Gabrielle Teare is the Leading London Personal Stylist.