Siren Song : Spring Summer 2012 Trends

Givenchy SS2012

The  theme of water appears to have been the canvas for the spring-summer 2012 parades. The mythical siren sang beguilingly to designers to lure them into creating homage to herself and the aquamarine and cerulean sea realm. The models came  wrapped in clothes in the colors of the seabed, rebrodées and shimmering scales at Givenchy  with its wetsuit-like feel to the collection.

Chanel SS2102

Also ribbons in the shape of waves adorning the nymphs here at Chanel we felt the definite undercurrent of a  Botticelli  sea Goddess with iridescent mother of pearl, and strings of pearls encircling waists.

Chanel SS2012

Even the catwalk was adorned with waves and sea pebbles to create a marine feel.

versace SS2012

Prints which echoed ancient pottery and the myth of Poseidon at Versace.

versace SS2012

At Versace, materials, light as sea foam floated in a harmonious aquatic carousel, and seemed to blend, as in nature with their lines and hues the with the horizon of the sea and sky.

Alexander McQueen SS2012

The underwater magic did not stop there at Mcqueen we saw the emergence of another sea goddess, the oceanic life of Gaia was as fresh sea spray on the outfits composed of corals and shells.

All in all the shows were a fabulous dive into the deep blue for the Stylists at Gabrielle Teare who can’t wait to be adding a splash bringing next season’s biggest trend into our clients wardrobes.


Stylist Hayley Bevan can be found at Visit Hayley at her studio in Chester to update your look. Hayley trained at London School of Fashion.




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