Stella McCartney Ready To Wear?


When I first saw Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2012 I was intrigued by it’s casual, laid back and original approach. Although I’m usually a fan of Stella’s collections, I didn’t immediately take to the muted geometric prints edged with swirling baroque lace and embroidery– I had doubts about how wearable the collection was and how it would translate onto women away from the Parisian runway.

Stella McCartney herself wore a piece of the collection to British fashion awards this week where she won the red carpet award. Stella looks typically understated but in her light printed jumpsuit, but I can’t help feeling the look is a little too casual. The word ‘pyjamas’ springs to mind.

Michael  Mulligan is a fashion student in the UK, he loves trend-spotting, fashion styling and journalism, when not working on his own creations! Michael Mulligan is Style Editor at GabrielleTeare.Com


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