Dr Danielov discovered that if the body’s own active ingredients could be delivered successfully to damaged cells, they would be able to self repair. The result is BIONOVA a new skincare range exclusive to Harrods and Peter Jones.

For dry and ageing skin, BIONOVA is the only system able to actually reactivate dormant sebaceous glands to stimulate production of sebum to prevent premature ageing, maintain elasticity and firmness, nourish the cells, reduce capillary permeability and increase oxygen to the cells. For the first time specific areas of the face can be treated i.e nose to mouth, upper lip etc. I have tried this and my skin looks amazing it has plumped up the areas where I had lost volume.

As BIONOVA contains only bioactive ingredients that are naturally occurring in the body, they therefore work quickly to be recognised and assimilated to aid the body’s own self healing process.



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