The internet is massive now. It is so easy to get carried away, remember we only wear 20% of what we buy. This is an example above of fantastic fashion from Vivien Westwood at net-a-porter that you won’t find outside London/City Centres.

1. Only buy things you love.

2. Check out different sites often so that you don’t miss sale items when they come up. Very popular sites such as Cocosa sell out quickly make it a favourite and you won’t miss out. Key gabrielle to get invite.

3. Buy quality rather than “fashion” if you are on a budget clothes will last you longer and you will get more wear out of them

4. Buy things that fit you. Seriously, about 40% of my clients wear clothes too big for them

5. Buy colours that suit your skin rather than what is in fashion- orange is in right now but only 3% of population can wear it so tread carefully.

6. Spend money on items that are staples i.e. jackets, bags, coats, dresses and buy cheaper fashion items so you are on trend but uber stylish.

7. Fastest way to update your look is a new pair of shoes. Equally wearing shoes when the fashion has changed will date your whole outfit.

8. Use block colours to add drama i.e. black and white, black and red, brown and raspberry, yellow gold jackets or Mac.

9. If you are classic style keep colours to bags and shoes to stop your outfit looking boring lime green bags, red shoes etc. This is an easy way to make things fun and stylish.

10. Accessorise. The right necklace is literally worth its weight in gold don’t buy too cheaply aim to keep key pieces.


  1. The trend on shopping today is go online shopping than going yourself to the mall. Often, guys would prefer to go online while gals would really love to go the malls. Well, a very nature to human beings. Boys are not into strolling around the mall and going inside and out of each boutique which girls usually do.

  2. I agree. It is a trendy to go online shopping. Even for girls, online shopping can make it simple and easy.

  3. Personally, I wear each and every thing I buy. (I guess, because I am a guy – I only buy the things I will wear, No Offence girls!) One thing we all can agree – one has to do a good research before buying something. So, visit as many sites as you can before making your purchase.


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