Fashion Stylist Launches Fantastic New Couture Line Paris 09

Hinks Taylor merges a strong feminine demeanor with a fiendish undercurrent. Designed for independent and imaginative women who want to be ‘Sexy’ in an intelligent and suggestive manner. Waists are slimmed and legs lengthened to create and incredibly flattering and feminine collection that leaves a provocative and arresting impression.

Hinks Taylor said: “This collection is for women who want to set a trend. The designs are striking and instantly recognizable . We want women to feel a freshness of style that is expressive, full of personality and secrets. We want to create a ‘look’, which says; independent, confident and sexy-traits, which encompass the modern woman. “

Full collection Paris March 09. Personal Stylists and Fashionistas watch this space, this is a name to remember.

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